Church History

Peoples Missionary Baptist Church was founded and organized by Reverend Y.H. Putney, Sunday, March 27, 1926 on 375 Halsey Street, Newark, N.J. On Sunday, April 3, 1927 the church moved to 507 Washington Street. The church was chartered in 1929. In 1931 we contracted to purchase property at 25 Mercer Street. God blessed, and on Sunday, March 1, 1931 the congregation of People’s Missionary Baptist Church worshipped in the newly purchased building. In 1962 the church moved to its present location, 470 15th Ave., Newark.

What to Expect

We understand that visiting a new place can be intimidating.  At People's Missionary Baptist, we assure a warm welcome from people just like you from the moment you enter church grounds.  Please feel free to ask the ushers or anyone in your presence for any assistance you may need.  Our church designed to encourage spiritual growth in a safe and healthy environment.  We value our visitors and welcome you as an honored guest.  Below are a few things you can expect at People's Missionary Baptist Church.


Here at People's Missionary Baptist, we are a multi-generational and multi-cultural church. Our members wear jeans, business casual attire, suits, dresses, and even cultural dress from their native countries. The main point is not what you wear on the outside. It is how you feel on the inside so that you can prepare for a life-changing, uplifting worship experience with us. We believe that as God's Word fixes us on the inside whatever changes to the outside that need to take place will happen.


We love  children and welcome them to our service.  We also have Sunday School service with age appropriate classes for your child to learn the Word of God.


Our music is led by a dynamic team of people committed to lead you in pure, passionate worship to the Savior.  Our worship and praise is a medley of  modern worship music, as well as more traditional and Gospel music. Our passion is not about style but about substance. We use different styles of music in order for you to connect with Christ.

Relevant Message

We believe in presenting Biblical principles through creative means that connect to the issues of our world today.  We are very blessed to have an innovative Pastor who is able through the divine Holy Spirit to help connect your life with God. 

Our praise and worship services feature praise-filled musical presentations and prayers that help usher our spirits into the presence of the Most High God. Pastor Wallace’s sermons are available and can be downloaded free here..


People's Missionary Baptist is a family church.  Our goal is to build our family after the model God has set in place for us to follow .  We are much more than just a building open on Sundays.  We are a spirit bonded family of people who love and care for one another.  If you want to worhip, praise and serve in a place where you are part of the family then you will be at home with our congregation. We recognize the importance of looking past our differences and faults in order to fulfil a higher calling.  


We strive to exhibit excellence in every area, from the cleanliness of our facilities, to the many outreach ministries that serve our congregation and community. We serve an Excellent God and  strive to attain excellence in all that we do in His service. 

Our Building

Our building is used to worship and praise and also to serve. We try to provide an atmosphere that is inviting to all that come.  We are mindful of the needs of those that have special needs.  We have a ramp and a chairlift and are still in the process of making modifications that will make our building accessible to everyone.  We keep a clean, safe atmosphere for learning the Bible and provinding service to the community.